Red Book by HPL

The Red Book is a curated database of community resources serving the city of Hamilton. Users and province-wide partners search the website to find over 4,500 records of helpful information about things like meals, housing, recreation, and much more.

When I joined the team at Hamilton Public Library, we had taken over a legacy system built in part with Drupal. My main projects were to:

  1. Upgrade the existing website with an overhauled UI and search
  2. Improve the back-end UX for easier maintenance by staff where possible
  3. Research and design a brand-new platform for the Red Book with awesome usability, automation, and browsable data relationships.

Over six months we designed, developed, and launched a revamped Red Book experience – fresh, accessible, and consistent with the library’s brand – all while planning the next generation of the platform.

Visit website:


Search results page showing links, short descriptions, and a map with location pins

Page for an individual resource showing full description, contact and location information, links, and additional fields